Try Them All - Whole Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts

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Give all of our Whole Roasted Oregon Hazelnut flavors a try! 

This mixed case contains the following:

Lightly Salted Whole Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts
Sweet & Savory Whole Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts
Sugar & Spice Whole Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts

Lightly Salted: 
Perfect for snacking, adding to salads or (not) sharing :)
Ingredients: whole roasted hazelnuts, himalayan pink salt, avocado oil.

Sweet & Savory: 
A little sweet, a little savory, a LOT delicious.
Ingredients: Oregon hazelnuts, honey, onion, garlic, himalayan pink salt, curry, cayenne, avocado oil.

Sugar & Spice: 
Our limited edition Holiday Spice Hazelnuts were such a hit, customers asked for a version of them year round. And we agree, they are too good to be limited edition!
Ingredients: whole roasted hazelnuts, honey, pure cane sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, allspice, ginger, himalayan pink salt, avocado oil.