What is your story?

Our founder, Donna Holm, is a retired elementary school teacher that has been making this delicious toffee recipe for over 30 years! After years of gifting it to friends and family, Donna officially started the company in 2007. Her daughter-in-law, Randi,  joined her as a co-owner and together they have worked hard to grow the company. You can now find Holm Made Toffee Co. on hundreds of store shelves nationwide, online, and at regional festivals and markets

What are your ingredients?

We use 4 simple ingredients in our base recipe:  Oregon grown hazelnuts, pure cane sugar, creamy dairy butter and dark chocolate (63% cacao). We then add locally sourced ingredients such as culinary lavender, freshly ground coffee and spices, fruit extracts, and seasonal ingredients. 

No added preservatives, palm oil, or corn syrup (so refrigerate/keep cool if not planning to eat right away)

For specific ingredients for each flavor, please refer to the individual product pages.

Is it Gluten-Free?

The product contains NO gluten! While we are not Certified Gluten-Free, we do not use gluten in our products or kitchen.

Is it Vegan?

Sorry, not even close. We use plenty of high-quality dairy butter :)

Are you local?

Yes, and proudly so! We are a small, family owned business that was founded in Glide, OR and now headquartered in Bend, OR. We utilize Oregon and PNW ingredients as much as we possibly can. We love supporting local farmers and fellow makers!

Where is this produced?

We have a licensed commercial kitchen in the heart of Bend.  We operate with all proper business licenses, insurance and certifications through the FDA, The Department of Agriculture and the State of Oregon.

I have a nut allergy – what nut is this?

We ONLY use hazelnuts in our kitchen and products. Hazelnuts are a form of a tree-nut, which some people are allergic to. 

Hazelnuts are also known as filberts. Ninety-nine percent of all hazelnuts grown in the United States come from the rich soil of the Willamette Valley. The "state nut" of Oregon is the hazelnut.

Where do you get your hazelnuts?

100% of our hazelnuts are grown by Oregon farmers. We source from NW Hazelnut Company in Hubbard, OR.

How long will it take me to receive my order?

All of our products are made and packaged by hand, by real people! Please understand we are not Amazon. Good things take time, so please give us 4-7 days to process and ship your order. You will receive an email with tracking number once shipped.

*Please note, due to Covid-19 USPS and UPS are experiencing shipping delays. We get the product to them as soon as we can, but once in their hands we can only refer to the tracking number they provide us with. Thank you for your patience.