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Need some more sweets? Try some delicious caramels from our friends at One Fork Farm! Add them to any order, you won't regret it.

Wildflower Honey:
"The one that started it all! Made with the finest local ingredients including Willamette Valley wildflower honey and sea salt harvested from the Oregon Coast, these rich decadent caramels abound with Northwest honey flavor.  All of our caramels are crafted in small batches and wrapped by hand for a truly old-fashioned delight that never includes corn syrup, preservatives, or anything artificial."

Vanilla Bean:
"A vanilla lover’s dream and one of our most popular flavors! This golden caramel is dappled throughout with Madagascar vanilla bean flecks and topped with vanilla bean-infused sea salt, creating a sumptuously-layered vanilla flavor unlike any other."

Spiced Chai:
"A beautiful blend of Masala Chai gives these caramels their distinct and wonderfully aromatic flavor. This spiced black tea is steeped with local cream and blended with Willamette Valley honey, creating a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy treat."